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iOS 8.3 no longer requires a password for downloading free apps

by Killian Bell | March 25, 2015March 25, 2015 4:00 am EST

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A new feature spotted in Apple’s latest iOS 8.3 beta gives users the ability to disable password authentication when downloading free apps and games from the App Store, making the process a whole lot simpler.

In earlier versions of iOS, a password was not required when downloading free content, but for unknown reasons, Apple decided it should be later on. Now the company is reversing that decision — but only for those who choose to disable password authentication themselves.

Inside the “iTunes & App Store” settings menu in iOS 8.3, there’s a new “Password Settings” section that includes a “Free Downloads” toggle. It’s enabled by default, but if you disable it, the App Store will no longer prompt you for a password when downloading free titles.


The Password Settings section is also home to other controls for iTunes and App Store purchases, including the ability to allow a 15-minute window for purchases after a password has been entered, or to choose password authentication for every purchase.

It’s a small but welcome change that lots of users will surely take advantage of — I know I will — but we should remember this is just a beta release, and Apple could decide to remove the option before iOS 8.3 makes its public debut next month.

Killian Bell

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