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Core Microsoft Office experience will be free on devices under 10.1-inches

by Todd Haselton | March 25, 2015March 25, 2015 11:00 pm EST

office for ipad

Microsoft recently published a blog post clarifying some of the Office Suite experiences users can expect on devices moving forward. In the post, Microsoft said that it’s defining “mobile devices,” as anything with a display under 10.1-inches. Those “mobile devices,” Microsoft said, will receive a free “core” Office experience out of the box.

“You probably aren’t using a mouse or a keyboard, instead navigating via touch interface,” Microsoft explained. “It’s probably not a “pro” category tablet that is used for design or presentations,” the company continued. Microsoft typically considers “pro” devices as those with more powerful Intel Core processors, at least in some of its own products. “On these devices, the core editing and viewing experience is free, until you get to those premium, subscription features,” Microsoft added.

The premium experiences Microsoft is talking about are the full subscriptions to Office 365, which enables the creation of documents using all of the full-fledged tools in the suite. Some of the new partners that will deliver products with the “core” office experience include Samsung and Dell, and we can expect those products “later this year.”


Todd Haselton

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