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Bloodborne patch to improve performance and load times

by Ron Duwell | March 25, 2015March 25, 2015 3:30 pm EST


Despite its nearly universal praise, Bloodborne hasn’t escaped the critics’ circle with a totally flawless victory. Some have pointed towards performance issues and loading times as a legitimate focus of complaint. Sony is in the loop, though, and has promised to look into it with a future patch update.

Shortly after Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry put forth some concerns with the game’s performance, Sony issued a statement to the publication addressing the issues.

“The development team is currently exploring another patch for Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimizations and miscellaneous bug fixes…We will provide more information as soon as possible.”

Digital Foundry’s complaints rose from its characters reviving after death, which reportedly takes about 40-45 seconds, stating that the length is “a patience-testing number given the frequency of death in this game”.

“It’s also a nuisance due to the game’s hub-world structure, where each level loads from the Hunter’s Dream area, which in itself takes 12 seconds to load.”

A fairly large 2.7 GB day-1 patch addresses performance among other “out of the box” issues, but it appears to not be enough for some. Are you having issues with Bloodborne? I’ve snatched up my copy, but I have yet to start the long, arduous grind through Yharnam. Maybe it will be longer and more arduous than I originally thought.

Bloodborne is available now for the PlayStation 4.

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