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Bloodborne fans have a petition going for a PC port

by Eric Frederiksen | March 25, 2015March 25, 2015 5:30 pm EST


Bloodborne is on shelves and the game is getting universal praise. Fans and critics alike are enjoying the Gothic art and brutal combat. It only makes sense that PC gamers would want to get on the action. The Dark Souls games have been very popular on first Games for Windows Live and then Steam despite getting some pretty lackluster ports. Dark Souls fans want to play the next game from their favorite creators.

As such, there’s now a petition on with, as of this writing, 15,000 signatures.

Unfortunately, those signers are going to be holding their breath for a long time.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Marketing Manager, Yasuhiro Kitao said on Twitter that he hopes people will buy PlayStation 4 systems because “Bloodborne will not be released on PC.”

While Kitao is with Sony, not developer From Software, there’s a couple reasons why Sony would be the authority on the matter. As GamesBeat notes, Sony went to From Software in the first place to talk to them about working on something new. They likely put significant money into Bloodborne, and the idea of giving fans a way to play it without their hardware is likely not appealing, not to mention the way the PC version would open it up to tons of piracy that console exclusivity helps minimize.

Further, Sony actually owns the Bloodborne trademark. Even if From Software does want to port the game, it’s not in their hands. We’re in an era with many timed exclusives, but Bloodborne appears to be just exclusive, full stop. The situation is likely fairly similar to something like Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive. From remains independent but has a deal with Sony for this game or, if a sequel happens, possibly the franchise.

Bloodborne is available now for PlayStation 4. Check out our review.

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