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Sony accidentally abandons the Bloodborne trademark, PC version pops up on

by Ron Duwell | March 24, 2015March 24, 2015 10:00 am EST


What is something that Bloodborne and The Last Guardian have in common? I can tell you it’s not a release date, because Bloodborne is available from today and The Last Guardian is going to be released after about an eternity or two’s worth of time. Those couldn’t be any further apart.

Well, what else is there? They are both Sony exclusives. They are both highly anticipated “spiritual” follow-ups to classic favorites, and finally, Sony can’t seem to keep its trademarks straight! Sony has let The Last Guardian’s expire twice, and now, on the day of Bloodborne’s release, Sony has let that one slip through its fingers as well.

It seems that Sony forgot to follow up with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, proving that the four patents on its unreleased games are still being put to tangible use. Funny, because the hammer came down just hours before Bloodborne hits the market! The other games that have lost their trademark are Kill StrainGuns Up, and No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either.

In addition to the loss of trademark, it also seems like Sony will be releasing the game on PC if we are to believe an posting. Bloodborne – Nightmare Version has popped up on the online retailer with Sony as a publisher. No official word or comments just yet, but if you were holding out for a higher performing version of the hit game, maybe you should sit on that wallet while this rumor pans out.

Sony! What are you doing? This is your biggest hit of the quarter! What’s with all this nonsense?

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