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Instagram’s new Layout app is all about photo collages

by Brandon Russell | March 23, 2015March 23, 2015 3:00 pm PDT

Instagram on Monday introduced a brand new standalone app (like Hyperlapse) designed to make creating collages super simple. There are already a large number of apps designed to do this—you probably use one already—but Instagram thought it could make one that’s better.

Via The Verge, Instagram admitted that about one in five of its 300 million monthly active users post collage images, which is why the company finally took notice of the growing trend.

But Layout is a little different from your typical collage app. Rather than presenting users with several pre-made grid options, Layout asks users to choose their images first, and then they’ll be presented with grid options. Up to 9 images can be added to a collage, with between six and 12 different layout options depending on how many pictures you use. Layout will arrange everything for you, too, though you’ll be able to readjust accordingly.

Grid lines can be tweaked, and you can even use mirror and flip tools if you want to get really creative. Instagram provided a number of examples, and they don’t look half bad. Once you do settle on a collage, you’ll have to save it to your camera roll before posting to Instagram, a move the company said was a result of people wanting to compare multiple collages before eventually posting one.

Layout marks the second standalone app in Instagram’s arsenal, and is the company’s simplest yet. The app is set to come out for iOS today, with an Android release coming in the next few months.

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