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Get an exclusive preview of Becoming Steve Jobs from iBooks now

by Killian Bell | March 23, 2015March 23, 2015 4:06 am EST


If you’re an Apple fan, you’ve probably already heard about Becoming Steve Jobs, a new book that promises to tell the true story of Apple’s co-founder and former CEO. And now you can get an exclusive preview from iBooks ahead of the title’s release on March 24.

Becoming Steve Jobs is an alternate biography about the man who started Apple in his garage back in the late ’70s, and unlike Walter Isaacson’s biography, this book has been widely endorsed by Apple. You’ll see it advertised in iTunes, promoted by the Cupertino company’s social media accounts, and hyped by current Apple executives like Eddy Cue, who believes this is the first Jobs book to “get it tight.”

Written by veteran journalists Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, Becoming Steve Jobs consists of 17 chapters that “takes on and breaks down the existing myth and stereotypes about Steve Jobs.” It features interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and plenty of others who were close to Jobs.

Isaacson’s biography, which was a big success following Jobs’ death in October 2011, did Jobs “a tremendous disservice,” according to Cook. Apple design chief Jony Ive also told The New Yorker recently that his regard for the book “couldn’t be any lower.”

Clearly, Apple feels very differently about Becoming Steve Jobs. Ahead of its release tomorrow, March 24, the company is offering iBooks users an exclusive preview that allows them to read the prologue and the first chapter of the book early on their Mac or iOS devices. Simply follow the link below to get it.

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