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Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC available tomorrow for Xbox One and PC

Dragon Age Inquisition (9)

If you haven’t had enough of Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, then tomorrow is the day you’ll be able to expand your Herald’s quest with the first single player DLC pack, “Jaws of Hakkon.”

Well, it will be available to you own the game on PC or Xbox One at least. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and even Xbox 360 owners will have to wait because of a timed exclusivity deal between EA and Microsoft.

This early tease follows a leak of “Jaws of Hakkon’s” achievements which confirmed its existence. Pricing, a trailer, and a more formal announcement of the DLC pack will be made available tomorrow.

What do you think we can expect? A new area to explore, more running from waypoint to waypoint, or more fascinating BioWare storytelling? I hope its more of the former and latter without so much focus on that icky middle ground. Maybe we’ll be able to deck our castle out in some sweet new digs as well.

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