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Diversity is key in Google’s latest Android Wear ad


Google has really ramped up its Android Wear marketing since Apple announced its launch dates for the Apple Watch, and diversity is the focus of its latest one-minute ad entitled “Wear what you want.”

By making diversity the focus of its latest ads, Google is showcasing the one thing you cannot get from Apple Watch: choice. The clip below features a whole host of different Android Wear devices from different manufacturers that prove no matter what you’re style, you’ll find a Wear watch to match it.

Some Wear watches are square like the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, while others are round like the Moto 360 and the upcoming Huawei Watch. Some are made of metal, some are made of plastic; some have silicone straps, and some have leather straps.

In comparison, Apple Watch looks almost exactly the same no matter which model you choose. Sure, Apple offers a variety of straps, but the $350 Apple Watch Sport looks identical to the $13,500 Apple Watch Edition — just not quite as expensive.

Of course, which platform is right for you has little to do with choice right now; it’s all about whether you’re running Android or iOS on your smartphone, because neither platform supports both. But rumor has it Android Wear will support iPhone soon, and that could make it a real (and more affordable) alternative to Apple Watch for hundreds of millions of iPhone users.


Killian Bell

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