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Amazon gets permission to test Prime Air drones in the U.S.

by Jacob Kleinman | March 20, 2015March 20, 2015 7:30 am PST

Amazon Prime Air (1)

Amazon finally has permission to test its package-delivery drones out in public. Over a year after the program was first announced, the Federal Aviation Administration has granted the company a certificate to fly in the U.S. on a trial basis.

The new ruling comes with plenty of restrictions meant to control exactly what Amazon can do. The company can’t fly its drones above 400 feet. It’s also limited to testing during daylight hours and only with “visual meteorological conditions,” meaning the drones have to be in sight at all times. Amazon will also have to provide the FAA with monthly updates, including the number of flights per month along with any hardware or software issues.

These are still just tests, but for the first time it really looks like Amazon Prime Air might actually become a reality. Of course, there’s no guarantee we’ll be getting our packages delivery by drone anytime soon here in the U.S., even if shoppers in other parts of the world have already experienced the same thing.

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