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Samsung to deliver 128GB of storage to budget smartphones

by Jacob Kleinman | March 19, 2015March 19, 2015 1:00 pm EST


Samsung managed to pack the Galaxy S6 with up to 128GB of built-in storage, but what about its mid-to-low-range lineup? The company announced a solution this week that should bring just as much extra storage to cheaper phones and tablets.

The new 128GB 3-bit NAND-based eMMC 5.0 storage should make it possible to offer even more space in less powerful devices. It should also mean better performance for mass market phones and tablets, especially when it comes to high-definition video support and multi-tasking. Samsung claims speeds should increase drastically with the new storage compared to what you get from a regular external memory card.

The technology could help give Samsung a huge advantage in the low-end market, where it’s currently struggling to compete with nimbler companies like Xiaomi. Then again, the South Korean firm could also make a profit selling its new storage to other gadget-makers. Either way Samsung wins, and so does anyone looking for a low-cost smartphone.

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Jacob Kleinman

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