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Nintendo 3DS’ slick new Dreamcast theme is available in Japan only

by Ron Duwell | March 19, 2015March 19, 2015 6:00 am EST

Yes, please! Someone over at SEGA has the right idea on how to approach the Nintendo 3DS: make an outstanding Dreamcast theme and sell it for 200 yen a pop! So far, the theme is exclusive to Japan, but hopefully SEGA will find it in its heart to bring it to the rest of the world.

The Dreamcast’s heyday lasted a bit longer in Japan than it did in the States, and games still trickle out once a year or so. SEGA’s most popular console in America, the Mega Drive/Genesis, was one of the poorer performing consoles of its generation in Japan. The discovery of CDs turned its ship around. The SEGA-CD, Saturn, and Dreamcast, were all much larger in Japan than they were in the States, and they had better games too.

This extra bit of fandom is why Japanese fans are getting it first. SEGA does have other retro themes as well for the Mega Drive and Sega Mark III, known in America as the Master System.

It’s nice that SEGA would grant this little bit of nostalgia to where the console thrived the most, but we’d really like to see it on our North American consoles, too. Let SEGA know that the Dreamcast still has a loyal fanbase.

Skies of Arcadia

And in the meantime, speaking of Dreamcast and the Nintendo DS, remind them that Skies of Arcadia 3D would be a rockin’ idea as well. If the New Nintendo 3DS can handle Xenoblade Chronicles, I think it has the juice for Vyse’s adventure as well.


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