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Alan Wake Xbox One remaster discussed in Microsoft survey

by Joey Davidson | March 19, 2015March 19, 2015 3:30 pm EST

Alan Wake

With Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment on the horizon for Xbox One owners, Microsoft has begun the process of surveying the gaming world about what will push them to pre-order a copy.

The survey asks two questions that make specific mention of Alan Wake, the last banner title from Remedy for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, and one of them clarifies the potential existence of an Alan Wake Xbox One Remastered Edition.”

Would you recommend Alan Wake to a friend or family member?

That question comes early. Then comes this…

Which of the incentives listed below, if offered to you, would motivate you to pre-order Quantum Break?

…A free copy of Alan Wake Xbox One Remastered Edition…

Alan Wake was truly a unique game. It was a bit divisive with fans and critics, but I personally loved the effort for its nods to stuff like Twin Peaks and classic creepy television. It was one of my favorites on the Xbox 360, though I know I’m likely in the minority there.

If Remedy did release a remaster, I’d be all over it. You?


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