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Tim Cook: Apple Watch is first smartwatch “that matters”

The Apple Watch is set to hit the market next month, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is talking a big game about his firm’s new wearable. Cook recently sat down for an interview with Fast Company, where he discussed Steve Jobs, the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Cook had some compelling tidbits to offer on the Apple Watch, and even said that it’s the first modern wearable.

“We weren’t first on the MP3 player; we weren’t first on the tablet; we weren’t first on the smartphone,” Cook told Fast Company. “But we were arguably the first modern smartphone, and we will be the first modern smartwatch—the first one that matters.”

Cook’s statements suggest that Apple views the Apple Watch as an industry changer, much like the iPhone kicked off a massive ripple effect in the smartphone industry back in 2007. He admits that the Apple Watch isn’t the first device, as the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, but believes that it’s going to fare better than what competitors such as Samsung, Google, Pebble and others have offered.

His statements are bold. One can argue that Android Wear is compelling in its own right, but Cook obviously believes that the Apple Watch is going to change not only smartwatches, but the timepiece industry forever. He also likens the Apple Watch to the iPad, which he argues critics didn’t understand when it first launched.

Cook offers several other industry insights in the interview, including some information on Steve Jobs’ management style. He even takes a couple of jabs at Microsoft and Android. Hit the source for more.

Fast Company

Todd Haselton

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