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HTC’s “Uh Oh” program will replace your damaged One M9

by Brandon Russell | March 18, 2015March 18, 2015 5:00 am EST

In an effort to further expand its Advantage repair service, HTC on Wednesday announced a new “Uh Oh” initiative designed to give One M9 owners more peace of mind. There are four significant parts to the program, but it’s pretty straightforward. Basically, if you damage HTC’s new flagship within the first 12 months of ownership, the Taiwanese company will give you a replacement device.

“Our goal is to make M9 an easy, worry-free purchase decision,” the company announced. “Literally every M9 customer benefits whether they need a replacement or not.”

HTC says that if your M9’s screen cracks or it becomes damaged by water, it’ll completely replace your device, no questions asked, and no extra cost to you. Additionally, HTC says it’ll also offer an M9 replacement to customers who decide to switch carriers, which means you won’t have to purchase a completely new phone.

The fourth part of Uh Oh will give M9 users $100 off the purchase of a future HTC One if they don’t use any of the replacements at all. So if you buy an M9 and don’t take advantage of Uh Oh during that 12 month period, you’ll instantly get a discount on a new HTC One device.

We’re still waiting on a few One M9 details to drop, including final pricing and release date(s). But this is certainly an enticing offer to help lure in potential buyers. There’s nothing worse than getting a new phone only for it to get damaged. This should put potential M9 buyers at ease—at least for the first 12 months of ownership.

Brandon Russell

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