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EB Australia is already taking pre-orders for Nintendo NX

by Joey Davidson | March 18, 2015March 18, 2015 11:30 am PDT

Shut Up and Take My Rupees

“What’s that?! Whispers of a new console? Activate the pre-order machine!” -EB Australia

EB Australia is now accepting pre-orders for the Nintendo NX. The Nintendo NX is the code-name for Nintendo’s next piece of hardware. We have no idea what it is, what it will do or when it will come out; but, if you live in Australia, you can totally start paying for it at EB Games.

This is bonkers.

Nintendo announced that it is working on a new console. It dropped a two letter code name for it. It said was working alongside DeNA to make it a part of their new gaming mantra. Then? Then it said this is the last we’ll even hear about it until 2016.

We’re years and years away from seeing the NX at retail, and yet this Australian retailer has made it so you can pre-order one. Perfect.

Listen, don’t pre-order the NX yet. We know absolutely nothing about it. Just wait. Crazy EB Australia, what are you doing?

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