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Battlefield Hardline mocks Advanced Warfare’s “press E to pay respects”

by Joey Davidson | March 18, 2015March 18, 2015 5:30 pm EST

Battlefield Hardline Press E to Pay Respects

In the early goings of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s campaign from last year, there’s a moment where players are button prompted to pay respects at the funeral of a close and recently deceased friend.

The whole thing was crazy odd, and plenty of sites and publications out there took Call of Duty to task for making use of a button prompt in such an odd fashion. Sure, it was bizarre, but I personally didn’t see it as a reason to editorialize for 500 words about the state of modern gaming.

It was silly. Now it’s silly in a different way. Battlefield Hardline mocks the polarizing button prompt with a quick moment in its campaign. PC World highlighted the moment in their review.

This isn’t a first for the Battlefield series when it comes to making fun of Call of Duty. They did it quite a bit with Bad Company, too.

I love it. Sure, it’s a bit too referential. But, it works, and it takes something that should never been a huge point for think pieces online and makes fun of it. I’m all for that.

I’m in the middle of Battlefield Hardline‘s campaign now. It’s an odd, odd beast, especially compared to what this series has done before. Are any of you playing the game? What do you think?

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