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Windows 10 will support iris, face and fingerprint unlocking

by Brandon Russell | March 17, 2015March 17, 2015 9:00 pm PST

Microsoft on Tuesday announced Windows 10 users will have the option to use biometric authentication when the software hits later this year. Known as Windows Hello, the new feature will allow users to access their Windows 10 devices through a number of different methods, including face, iris and fingerprint unlocking. That’s next-level James Bond spy stuff, and more secure than using your pet’s name as a password.

Microsoft says Windows Hello will support a number of Windows 10 devices at launch; devices that already have fingerprint readers will be supported, of course, while new hardware using Intel RealSense 3D camera technology will be used for iris and facial recognition.

“Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security that will meet the requirements of organizations with some of the strictest requirements and regulations,” Microsoft explained. “It’s a solution that government, defense, financial, health care and other related organization will use to enhance their overall security, with a simple experience designed to delight.”

In addition, Microsoft also announced a new feature called “Passport,” which is designed to authenticate applications, enterprise content and online sites without a password. This feature is especially big for enterprise customers, because there’s no shared password stored on company servers for hackers to compromise. Passport will also work with enterprise Azure Active Directory services at launch, Microsoft said.

Both new features will be opt-in, so using your eyeball to sign-in is your choice. Any biometric data is locally secured on the device you’re using, meaning the data won’t be accessible anywhere online. Once Windows 10 hits later this year, the new features will be available on phones, tablets and PCs.


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