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Apple Watch “2.0” said to launch later this year

The Apple Watch is set to launch in just over a month but, according to a new report from Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri, Apple may already have a new one coming later in 2015.

Arcuri didn’t provide much in the way of details of what’s expected, but he did refer to it as a “2.0 version,” according to AppleInsider, which suggests that there’s going to be some rather big changes made. Perhaps Apple found a way to add in additional health monitoring sensors, which it wasn’t able to do with the first version. Or maybe he’s simply referencing new casings, which were mentioned in a separate report earlier this month that suggested three new models are on the way. The report also included details on possible supply chain issues facing the Apple Watch.

Quanta Computer has reportedly scored an exclusive deal to manufacture the Apple Watch, but Arcuri reports that Foxconn could be stepping in to lend a hand in order to build enough units to fit Apple’s orders. Arcuri also claims that Apple tapped Samsung to supply AMOLED displays for the device, but don’t expect to see the same technology show up in future iPhones anytime soon though.

It sounds like Apple’s manufacturers are going to be busy for a while, both producing enough supply for the Apple Watch launch and, possibly, in preparation of a new model.


Jacob Kleinman

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