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Cities: Skylines sells 500,000 copies in first week

by Joey Davidson | March 17, 2015March 17, 2015 5:30 pm PST

Cities: Skylines is a success. The game promised to be more than EA and the recently shuttered Maxis Emeryville’s SimCity, and it arrived for exactly half the launch price of its competition.

Now? It’s selling very well. It broke records for publisher Paradox Interactive in its first day by moving roughly 250,000 copies. Before the first week at retail is up for Cities: Skylines, we have word that the game has moved more than half a million copies.

Here’s that tweet from the official Cities: Skylines account.

The news for this game has been overwhelmingly positive so far. The community has embraced the modding side of the experience with exceptional Steam Workshop support, which is great for a budding game. And, the sales are helping further the hype for the city builder.

What’s really been cool, though, is the way Paradox has talked about handling piracy. The game is, of course, being pirated. That comes with success. We ran an article about the company’s plan to battle piracy yesterday, which you can read here. The gist?

They want to make it easier and better to just buy the game outright by providing great support and constant updates. That sounds awesome to me.

Have you picked up Cities: Skylines? What do you think?

Joey Davidson

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