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Level-5 introducing new Fantasy Life, Professor Layton, Yokai Watch, and original project

by Ron Duwell | March 16, 2015March 16, 2015 4:30 pm PST

Yokai Watch demon

Level-5 has announced plans to unveil four huge new titles at a “Level 5 Vision 2015: The Beginning,” an event on April 7 which all but guarantees to launch the booming company to a whole other realm of popularity in its home country of Japan.

Without a doubt, the leader of the pack is Yokai Watch 3. The series has crawled past Pokemon as the number one franchise for children in Japan these days, and the company probably has very little interest in slowing this money train down. With the series also possibly launching in United States before the end of the year, it is bound to see an additional boost in revenue from this potential second coming of Pokemania.

“Yokamania.” I’ll be so happy if that becomes a “thing” in the States.

Following Yokai Watch 3, we’ll also get a look at the new multimedia franchise that Level-5 has promised will be even bigger than Yokai Watch. I’m having a hard time thinking of what Japanese kids love more than collecting monsters and playing soccer these days. What could it possibly be?!

Following these two titles, Level-5 will also unveil a new Fantasy Life game and a long overdue Professor Layton game as well. Both are worthy franchises which still have only upwards to go, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting what they look like.

In the meantime, it seems like my dream of a Dark Cloud 3,or at least an HD version of Dark Cloud 2, are still a few generations away. I like you Level-5, but I really miss those romantic PlayStation 2 days we shared together.


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