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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launch trailer – Familiar ugly faces!

Oh, I don’t mean the Moogle. He’s adorable! I’m referring to the rest of the baddies.

If you’ve been a fan of Final Fantasy since the early 90s, then this launch trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is bound to spark quite a few nostalgic and possibly frustrating memories. Square Enix has decided to shift the focus from its line-up of teeny bopper soldiers to focus on a host of the franchise’s most iconic monsters.

It’s like the red carpet for artist Akitoshi Kawazu’s most recognizable creations. We have Gilgamesh, a Cactuar, a Behemoth, a Malborro, a Bomb, an Iron Giant, as well as everyone’s favorite summon beasts Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, Golem and the one and only Odin!

And just in case you didn’t realize that “nostalgia” is the emotion that is suppose to be mixed in with your thirst to kill these beasts, Square Enix cranks it up to eleven at the :45 second mark with the popular “Clash on the Big Bridge” theme from Final Fantasy V.

What a great battle theme! The best of all time perhaps?

And in case you forgot, that lovely little snippet for Final Fantasy XV’s demo plays at the end once again. “Episode Duscae” goes live tomorrow on March 17, so you can bet I’ll be ready at midnight with my redemption code ready to jump in head first! Be sure to snag up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to snag a solid game and a glimpse into a whole new generation of Final Fantasy.

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