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Here’s Apple’s plan to woo Android users to the iPhone

by Brandon Russell | March 16, 2015March 16, 2015 4:00 pm EST

A new Apple program will reportedly allow owners of “non-Apple smartphones” to exchange their devices for gift cards at the company’s retail stores. Apple has courted Android fans before, but the rumored program would be the most aggressive approach in getting users to switch.

9to5Mac says Apple employees will determine trade-in values based on factors like device condition and function; other popular trade-in programs, such as Gazelle, also base their value off device condition, ranging from immaculate to poor. If you have a tip-top Note 4, you should be able to get a healthy chunk to put toward an iPhone 6 Plus.

The new program will allegedly kick off in the coming weeks, with retail store employee training set to begin at the end of this week. As part of the trade-in initiative, Apple employees will assist customers with transferring contacts over to their shiny new iPhone, though 9to5Mac’s sources say customers will be responsible for ensuring other data is backed up; presumably this means photos and videos, along with any other important files.

In the past, Apple has offered a limited Reuse and Recycle trade-in program for folks looking to trade-in older iPhone models, but this newest program goes right after the company’s competitors. Apple saw immense demand over the Q4 holiday period last year, and is seemingly looking to continue that momentum on the eve of the Apple Watch’s launch at the end of April.

It’s unclear what pricing folks can expect as part of the trade-in program, but those details will likely be unveiled once it gets closer to launch.


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