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Google Flights now shows if you’ll have Wi-Fi, power and more

by Todd Haselton | March 14, 2015March 14, 2015 3:00 pm EST


Google Flights, the company’s airline booking tool, has been updated with a new feature that should help make your booking process much easier and, ultimately, your flight much more comfortable. The firm recently partnered with a company named Routehappy to provide additional information on the amenities available on the flights you’re trying to book.

That means, when you’re planning a trip and trying to pick the best flight, you’ll also be able to see whether your seat is going to have on-demand video, in-seat and USB power, Wi-Fi, and the average amount of legroom available. A quick search for flights from New York to Los Angeles on Delta showed that I can expect Wi-Fi, power at my seat, about 31-inches of leg-room and on-demand video, for example. The same search also showed me I can expect the same amenities from United on the way home, but that the flight is “often delayed by 30+ minutes.” Think I’ll try another return trip, in that case.

Routehappy provides data on flights around the world, the company said, and it seems like a natural fit for Google Flights. You can check out the new integration by visiting Google Flights in the source below.

Todd Haselton

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