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YouTube 360 degree video is here and it’s awesome

by Jacob Kleinman | March 13, 2015March 13, 2015 7:00 pm EST

YouTube support for 360 degree videos is finally here and it’s pretty amazing. Google released the first batch of immersive experiences on Friday, ranging from the first-person perspective of a NASCAR driver to a bizarre animated gameshow called “Annoying Orange in 360 Degrees!”

You can experience the videos right from your Chrome browser by clicking and dragging the mouse to explore all 360 degrees. You’ll need an Android device for the full experience on mobile, which lets you explore each video with the official YouTube app by moving your phone or tablet around in space. Google says the same thing is coming to iOS eventually, though it’s not available yet.

You can also upload your own 360 degree videos, though you’ll need to use a compatible camera and format your recording to fit YouTube’s rectangular screen. Google promises to make the entire process a lot easier soon as it pushes for an industry standard.

As for virtual reality, Google is still working on support for Cardboard and other headsets. The company told Gizmodo it plans to add 360 degree livestreaming down the line as well. Check out a few samples below.

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