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New Windows 10 leak reveals Task View, new Wi-Fi settings panel

by Killian Bell | March 13, 2015March 13, 2015 5:11 am PST

Windows 10 Hands-On-1

Windows 10 isn’t exactly a secret anymore, but there are new features in the works that haven’t yet been previewed to beta testers. One leaked build has revealed a brand new Task View, and well as the addition of a Wi-Fi settings panel.

The leaked build comes with version number 10036, and it can be seen in action in the YouTube video embedded below.

Its most significant change is the new Task View, which makes it incredibly quick and easy to switch between apps on multiple desktops — and add additional ones. It reminds me a lot of Apple’s Mission Control feature in OS X, which I use all the time.

The new Wi-Fi settings panel also speeds things up a little. In existing Windows 10 builds, users have to go into the Settings app to connect to new Wi-Fi networks or switch between them. But the new panel allows certain things to be done from the desktop, like in previous Windows releases.

These features still look like they’re a work in progress for now — the Wi-Fi panel, in particular, looks a little ugly — but they should make their way into Windows 10 previews at some point. In the meantime, you can check them out in the short clip below.

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