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New MacBook will support external batteries, says report

by Brandon Russell | March 12, 2015March 12, 2015 3:00 pm EST

Need another reason to love USB-C? 9to5Mac reports that when the MacBook comes out next month, Apple won’t stop it from supporting a whole host of accessories, including third-party external batteries. That means when your thin new Apple computer is on its last legs, you’ll be able to charge it up without the need of an outlet. That will likely extend to all computers that supports USB-C, including Google’s new Chromebook Pixel.

“The short and amazing answer is that most accessories supporting the USB Type-C specifications should work with your new MacBook,” 9to5Mac wrote after speaking with insiders. “Apple won’t be doing anything to block any specific types of accessories.”

Before, finding a portable charging solution for Apple’s laptops was like finding Bigfoot; in other words: rare, and even then it wasn’t worth the cost or hoops users and manufacturers had to jump through. But USB-C might open the accessory market wide open, which is a huge win for consumers. Sources told 9to5Mac that any battery solution that meets the USB Power Delivery specifications should be good to go with the new MacBook. It looks like the new MacBook will have benefits beyond just being thin and light.

There are already a few USB-C accessories on the horizon, so the market supporting the new port will likely be bustling as the months go on. In the early going, you’ll need plenty of expensive adapters, but the benefits of USB-C will eventually outweigh the headache of making the transition.


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