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Watch the first episode of Powers free on YouTube now

by Joey Davidson | March 11, 2015March 11, 2015 9:20 am PST

PlayStation has gone and made the very first episode of their new original series Powers free for the Internet’s consideration. The hour long show was put up on YouTube this week, and you can watch it now.

For PlayStation Plus subscribers, the first season of Powers is entirely free. The first few episodes are up already, and the rest of the season will roll out in the coming weeks.

I watched the first two episodes last night. Honestly, it’s a bit cheesy. This comes from someone who liked the Powers comics as they were initially coming out. It’s not the translation to screen that’s off, it’s the tone and cheesy production vibe that I get moment to moment.

Still, the first episode is free. If you have an hour to spare and have been on the fence about watching this show, you can dive in online at no expense at all with this upload.

Now, heads up, this only works in the U.S. right now because that’s the only territory PlayStation has released Powers in so far. Though, I believe other territories are hot on the States’ heels.

What do you think of Powers so far?

Joey Davidson

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