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Mega64 explains how Sakaguchi ended up making so many Final Fantasy games

by Ron Duwell | March 10, 2015March 10, 2015 7:30 pm EST

Mega64 has an interesting take on how Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi probably got wrapped into making so many Final Fantasy games. Their humorous take on his career imagines the world famous developer as a closet case hip-hop star who desperately wants to retire from making games, but can’t seem to because people keep buying his creations and treating him like a God.

It’s probably not as far off from the truth as you might expect. I know at least I’ve been guilty of both.

Of course, everything goes astray once the pesky executives ask him to create a movie, fulfilling Sakaguchi’s grand scheme. Actual history keeps him at Square Enix until much later into his career, but the results of his Hollywood bomb definitely put a damper on his influence within the halls of Square Enix.

It’s a nice little tribute, and Sakaguchi is a good sport about parodying himself. The man is riding a wave of success after his free-to-play RPG Terra Battle┬áhas proven to be a hit, and he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at Game Developers Conference 2015. Gotta keep yourself humble, and Sakaguchi has never been one to lose himself in the success of his achievements.

Maybe. That could possibly be the explanation behind The Spirits Within though. Congratulations on all your success, Sakaguchi. Please never retire and live forever, my friend.


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