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Is Nest about to make smart speakers?

by Jacob Kleinman | March 10, 2015March 10, 2015 8:00 pm EST

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Nest already offers a smart thermostat, a smart smoke detector and smart home security cameras. So how about a smart speaker system? It’s not exactly an original concept, but a new job listing suggests the Google-owned company could be eyeing the music business for future devices.

Nest is hiring a “Head of Audio” to build and lead a team across the company focused on “acoustics, audio electronics, audio SW, audio test and validation for all Nest Products.” It sounds like the position could focus on bringing new audio features to the company’s current lineup. However, it also appears to involve developing future products, leaving the door open for a speaker or something else audio-focused.

A Nest-made speaker wouldn’t really be a groundbreaking device, with companies like Sonos already offering their own take on the connected sound system. Then again, there’s plenty of other audio products that could be ripe for innovation. How about a Nest intercom or a Nest doorbell? The possibilities are endless, though it could be a while before we see any new products hit the market.

Nest still needs to hire its Head of Audio, build a team and develop a product roadmap. Maybe we’ll see the physical results of all that a few years down the line.

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