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Apple’s music streaming service may not be as cheap as we hoped

by Jacob Kleinman | March 10, 2015March 10, 2015 7:30 am EST

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Last we heard, Apple was hell bent on offering its upcoming music streaming service for less than the typical $9.99 per month in an effort to undercut the competition. The company is reportedly in talks to offer a rebranded version of Beats Music for just $7.99, but a new report claims the music industry is pushing back against Apple’s plans.

Billboard claims that the major music labels are all pretty set on charging $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming. If Apple wants to offer a lower price it would have to cover the difference itself. At $7.99 per month that would mean paying an extra $2 out of pocket per customer, which could quickly add up if the new service turns out to be a success.

Despite its tough stance, the music industry may actually be counting on Apple to make the streaming model work. Sources speaking to Billboard note that Spotify’s 15 million users aren’t nearly enough. The Swedish company’s practice of offering unlimited free streaming is also an issue for some labels and musicians.

Apple’s streaming service is expected to launch without a free tier, meaning you’ll have to pay to use it like with Beats Music. The company is also allegedly pushing to offer exclusive releases as an extra perk for subscribers, and plans to launch the app for both iOS and Android. Rumor has it Apple will debut the new service this summer at WWDC 2015, so there’s still has some time to hammer out the final details.


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