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Apple Watch: Check out this awesome charging dock

Apple finally told us all we need to know about the Apple Watch yesterday. Yep, it’s going  to be expensive. And unless you’re buying the Apple Watch Edition model, which starts at $10,000, you’re going to be using a pretty basic MagSafe charging cable. Why not show off the Apple Watch a bit more? Griffin recently announced a pretty sweet charging dock called the WatchStand.

The WatchStand allows you to pop on your Apple Watch for easy charging. Better yet, it’s propped up so that you can easily view any notifications that might be coming in. Also, there’s a small area at the base of the stand that allows you to prop up your iPhone for charging at the same time. There’s one drawback, we suppose, and that’s that you’ll need to use your own MagSafe Apple Watch charging cable and feed it through the stand so that it’s propped up top. That still seems better than leaving the Apple Watch on a table, and it looks more elegant, too.

Griffin will start selling the WatchStand sometime this summer for $29.99. We’re sure there will be plenty of options on the market sooner, but at least there’s one to look forward to.


Todd Haselton

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