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Upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware adds suspend-resume, button re-assignment

by Eric Frederiksen | March 9, 2015March 9, 2015 1:30 pm EST

PlayStation 4, PS4 logo

Sony is currently beta testing the next firmware for the PlayStation 4, version 2.50, and plans to have some of its MVP users testing it soon, too.

The biggest feature in this update is one of the most requested: the ability to resume gameplay after putting your PlayStation 4 into rest mode. This functionality has been promised since before launch and has been popular on Microsoft’s Xbox One console, so owners are sure to appreciate the addition.

Also coming with this update looks to be an option to reassign buttons. This could be a great option for disabled gamers who have limited or no use of one or both hands, and would give the PlayStation 4 a new market to cater to, however small.

Finally, you’ll be able to delete trophy data for games you haven’t unlocked any trophies in.

There’s no hard date on when this will be coming, but fans will be eagerly awaiting these features in the meantime.


Eric Frederiksen

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