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Downwell Hands-On preview – A mobile drop in the dark… with gunboots

by Joey Davidson | March 7, 2015March 7, 2015 3:00 pm PST

As far as great mobile games go, I personally like the variety that are tough, addictive and seemingly endless. That’s Downwell. Made by a single developer, Ojiro Fumoto, and picked up by publisher Devolver Digital, Downwell is an interesting little game bound for PC, iOS and Android.

I played it today at PAX East on a mobile device, and I dug it a whole heck of a lot.

You drop down a well at the start of the game. You can move right and left during your descent. You can also jump. When you encounter enemies, you kill them by jumping and then jumping again to fire shots from your gunboots.

You’ll drop down the well, battle enemies, collect loot and move from stage to stage. You’ll also find small rooms on the right and left sides of the well that contain various weapon changes or health refills. Even better, there’s a shop every so often for you to cash in all those gems you scored along the way.

This game is really straightforward, but I found myself playing it for more than 20 minutes while waiting in between appointments today. The only reason I stopped? The display phone died. Yep, I killed it.

Fumoto has a really fun little game on his hands with Downwell. He told me that he’s aiming to release it in July. It will hit the iOS, Android and PC platforms. It seems like such a wonderful mobile time killer, too. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one, and you should too.

Joey Davidson

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