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Check-In Knock-Out Hands-On preview – Welcome to le Hotel du Pain!

This year at PAX East, we tried something a little different. We scheduled all of our appointments for major and known games at the beginning of the trip, and we left the last day and a half for pure exploration. The hope, of course, is to give ourselves time to find games others aren’t really talking about.

One such game is Check-In Knock-Out. We stopped by this one on a complete lark. We were passing through, on our way to get lunch, the speed and mayhem caught our eye, a seat opened up and I sat down to play.

Check-In Knock-Out is a local multiplayer arena brawler. You don’t hit and kick your opponents with limbs. Instead, you use luggage and the floors around you.

Stand on top of or next to a piece of luggage, pick it up and chuck it at an opponent. Hit them hard enough with it, and they blast off of the screen. Repeat until you’re the last player standing, and you win the round. The level resets and players start once more.

Now, the throwing doesn’t stop at luggage. As the luggage disappears, you’ll slowly tear away chunks of the level below you. That means that stages actually get smaller as time and combat wear on, and that makes it harder to grab a weapon and defeat a friend (or enemy, I suppose).

There are also unique props that pop into stages and make gameplay even more interesting. There’s an exploding red barrel, an old video game standby, and a piece of grim luggage with a skull on front. That luggage will open up and suck all nearby players into it after colliding with a character. It’s deadly from far away, but it’s suicidal when it comes to close combat.

Check-In Knock-Out is due for PCs and consoles (they didn’t specify which) in 2015. It’s a four player local affair.

Joey Davidson

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