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One more teaser and batch of GTA Online Heists screenshots before launch

One more week to go until GTA Online Heists destroy all of our social lives, and Rockstar has one more teaser and a batch of incredible screenshots to shove in your face.

“Buy me!” the game screams, “but please just don’t steal me.” The content of this game is just make-believe after all and not a role model to look up to.

The 16 second teaser is so short that you might miss it if you blink. Every group of rough criminals has to have a smart and nerdy organizer behind its operations, and this guy definitely fits the bill.

The real gem of this final advertising push comes from the screenshots in the gallery below. In them, you will find a whole host of customization options, cinematics, and the heart-pounding action that is bound to define the heists in this online multiplayer option. It looks far too complicated and detailed to be a mutliplayer mode, but Rockstar has clearly made the best use of all the time its taken to launch it. It looks incredible.

GTA Online Heists will launch next week on March 10 across all platforms. The PC version will be available when the full game itself launches on April 14.

Ron Duwell

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