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Battletoads join Shovel Knight in the Xbox One version

Seems like every version of Shovel Knight is getting an exciting guest star except for the original Nintendo 3DS and Wii U version! Where’s my Kirby already, Yacht Club Games?

We already know that Kratos is going to be included with the PlayStation version, but a new announcement from the indie studio has shown off the Xbox One’s trio of guest stars, a group that is more in line with Shovel Knight’s 8-bit roots. Rash, Zitz and Pimple, stars of 1991’s Battletoads, will be stumbling across our beloved knight on his journey to take down The Enchantress.

The Battletoads property is currently owned by Microsoft through its purchase of Rare. The company hasn’t exactly been subtle about teasing a revival of the cult franchise either.

It’s unknown what role the Battletoads will play in the game, but they don’t especially look very pleased to see Shovel Knight. My guess is that they are a hidden boss, and hopefully they are as brutally challenging as the original NES game they appeared in.

Sorry Kratos old buddy, but you just got topped with this announcement.

In the meantime, Yacht Club Games is also busy prepping its first expansion of Shovel Knight with its Plague of Shadows campaign. From there, the company can totally focus on wrapping up its other promised expansions, versus mode, and gender swaps now that the ports have been completed. I have a feeling that Yacht Club Games is just going to be developing Shovel Knight for the rest of its existence, which I am totally fine with just as long as it can afford to do so.

Shovel Knight will launch for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita on April 21, and this version can be snagged up at a discount for Sony’s Spring Fever 2015 event. The Xbox One version was only just announced at GDC 2015 with no exact date set yet.


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