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Apple Car said to involve BMW partnership, but BMW denies it

by Jacob Kleinman | March 5, 2015March 5, 2015 11:00 am EST

Is Apple working on an electric car? Recent reports have claimed the Cupertino company already has a large team devoted to its top-secret Project Titan. Now it looks like Apple could be teaming up with one popular car-maker on the mysterious new vehicle.

This latest rumor comes from German magazine Auto Motor and Sports, which claims Apple is interested in developing a new version of BMW’s electric i3. According to one anonymous senior manager at BMW, the new vehicle would go far beyond Apple’s CarPlay dashboard software. It could potentially give the company deep integration into how the i3 uses fuel and tracks its own movement.

Don’t get too excited though. BMW is already denying the report. Speaking to Reuters, the company said that recent meetings with Apple haven’t included any mention of the two companies building a new car together. 

“We are in regular talks with companies from the IT and telecommunications sector, including Apple, concerning topics like connected vehicles,” a BMW spokesperson told Reuters. “Developing or building a car is not a topic of these discussions.”

We’re not really sure what to think. Maybe Apple and BMW are discussing a new car, and they’re just not ready to go public with the news. Last we heard, Apple’s rumored vehicle wouldn’t get an official launch for another five years, so it could be a long time before we really know what the company is up to.

Jacob Kleinman

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