Huawei tapped for new Nexus device, rumor says

by Jacob Kleinman | March 4, 2015

Google’s next Nexus device may already be in the works. Last week we heard the company was looking to China for its latest hardware partner, and now a second report suggests the search giant has already found a Nexus-maker for 2016.

According to Kevin Yang, a director at Chinese research firm iSuppli, Huawei is all set to make the next Nexus. He adds that Google likely ended up picking between several local phone-makers, including Xiaomi. It’s unclear exactly why it went with one company over the other, though it may have something to do with balancing China’s booming Android market.

In the past, Google has used its Nexus program to boost competition in the Android market, letting a different company design its new devices every few years. Now, it could be doing the same in China, where Xiaomi currently dominates smartphone sales. Then again, considering that the Chinese government still blocks Google’s services, we’re not sure what kind of impact a Nexus device might have there.

Assuming the rumors are true, we’re pretty excited to see what Huawei and Google have planned. The company’s Ascend Mate2 boasted a massive 6.1-inch display and a 3900mAh battery for just $299, making it a perfect match for the Nexus program. But the Chinese giant also offers a full range of smartphones and tablets, so there’s really no saying what its stock Android device will look like.

Jacob Kleinman

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