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Double Fine Adventure’s documentary releasing free on YouTube in full

by Joey Davidson | March 4, 2015March 4, 2015 4:30 pm EST

Double Fine Adventure was one the original record-setting Kickstarter campaigns from the world of gaming. The title managed to pull in more than $3.3 million at closing, and that set it on its current path of release.

Yeah, it’s still not totally out yet, and that’s lame.

What came alongside the backing of Double Fine Adventure on Kickstarter was an exclusive look at an episodic documentary of the game creation process. The documentary was being shot by 2 Player Productions, a studio with a wonderful track record and a great eye for this type of storytelling.

Now, the whole thing is slowly being put up on YouTube, in full and for free. We’ve seen 18 episodes so far, and they’re all quite good and worth a watch if you’re a fan of gaming and the industry in general.

Each episode checks in at around 20 minutes, so these make great distractions during lunch or breakfast. We’ve linked to the first above, but Double Fine’s channel will slowly roll out the rest in the coming weeks.

The only catch? The YouTube uploads are in 720p instead of 1080p, and the extra special features are only for those who pay. You can snap it all up now for $10 at the official site if that’s your thing.

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