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Apple’s rumored iPad Pro has hit major production issues, says report

by Brandon Russell | March 4, 2015March 4, 2015 3:00 pm EST

It appears you’ll have to wait several more months until you can get your hands-on Apple’s rumored iPad Pro. According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company has massively delayed the larger slate, pushing production back until September at the earliest. I guess Apple’s March 9 event won’t bring any good news.

Sources claim Apple ran into supply issues for the larger display panels, leaving the company no choice but to push production back. Bloomberg says the 12.9-inch iPad was scheduled to go into production this quarter—with a possible announcement next week—but those plans were ultimately scrapped.

For now, consumers will have the usual lineup of iPad mini and iPad Air models to choose from. That’s good enough for most people, but Apple is supposedly lining up the so-called iPad Pro to be its tablet savior. The company’s iPad lineup has done poorly (relative to past iPad success), leaving Apple to come up with a solution to push out more units; its iPad Pro is reportedly the answer, a device Apple is hoping will reinvigorate interest in the iPad lineup.

I guess we’ll never really know if Apple did plan on releasing an iPad Pro this spring. If you were anticipating the device, you’ll have to wait much longer than initially thought, which is certainly disappointing. Maybe—just maybe—you can simply make due with Apple’s rumored 12-inch MacBook Air instead.


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