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‘Community’ Season 6 trailer spoofs Oculus Rift and more

I’m still shaking with laughter after watching the trailer for Community season 6, though I’m not sure if it’s because it really was that funny, or there’s a gas leak in my apartment. I’m pretty sure it’s the first though, because based on this trailer the new season of Community looks awesome.

As a tech writer, the Oculus Rift spoof immediately caught my attention, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble the Dean is able to cause in virtual reality. It looks like we may also be treated to another sci-fi-inspired one-off episode, along with a plot in which prison inmates attend Greendale using telepresence robots. Of course, you can also expect plenty of non-techie jokes, along with the pop culture references that Community is best-known for.

The new season kicks off on March 17 with two new episodes on Yahoo Screen. After that, you’ll have to return every Tuesday to watch the entire 13-episode series play out one week at a time. I wish Yahoo would just dump the entire thing at once so we could all binge through it in a single day, but maybe this is for the best. Still, I’ll probably be watching the new trailer on repeat for a while.

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Jacob Kleinman

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