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Stealth Inc 2 sneaking onto PC, PlayStation and Xbox One next month

by Joey Davidson | March 2, 2015March 2, 2015 7:30 pm EST

Right now, Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones is exclusive to the Wii U. It was released for the Wii U on Oct. 30, 2014. Now, Curve Studios’ 2D puzzle platformer has been given a release window for a whole slew of other platforms.

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones will launch for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and Xbox One in early April.

If you game on the PS Vita and are a PS Plus subscriber, there’s a good chance that you picked up the first Stealth Inc. for free a while back. This sequel takes that premise, adds clones, hats, gadgets, secrets and, of course, a Metroidvania overworld.

It’s almost a completely different game, though its core of tough puzzles remains intact.

Pricing was not announced with this press release; however, the game currently sells for $14.99 on the Wii U. I’d imagine its price on these new platforms won’t be too far away from that mark.

Joey Davidson

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