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Sony: Reports to sell mobile division “completely untrue”

by Brandon Russell | March 2, 2015March 2, 2015 4:15 pm PST


Sony might not exit the mobile market after all. Following comments made by Sony CEO Kaz Hirai last month, the company’s head of mobile, Hiroki Totoki, told a French newspaper that speculation surrounding an eventual sale are “completely untrue.”

Just yesterday, the company made surprise announcements at Mobile World Congress, introducing a new mid-range powerhouse, along with a beautiful new tablet. There’s still no Z4 smartphone in sight, but with new devices hitting its portfolio, the device can’t be that far off.

What Sony will do this year, however, is refocus its portfolio; Totoki was quoted as saying Sony’s portfolio of products is “too diverse and needs to be refocused.” That sounds like a broader statement applying to more than just mobile—adopting a “less is more” approach rather than releasing an avalanche of products every year.

Sony’s performance in mobile has been on the decline for years now, which is strange because the company’s phones are consistently excellent. With the Z4 likely on the horizon, this will likely be a “make or break” year for Sony’s mobile division. For now, however, expect business as usual.


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