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LA-MULANA launching for the PS Vita this week, launch trailer goosebumps

by Ron Duwell | March 2, 2015March 2, 2015 6:30 pm EST

If you need some happy thoughts to help you get through this troublesome Monday, maybe this good news will perk you up! Here is your friendly neighborhood Ron with a PSA that NIGORO’s masterpiece “metroidvania” platformer LA-MULANA EX will be launching for the PS Vita this week once the PlayStation Store updates.

The release has been a long time coming with many delays pushing it back month after month, but now that we finally have a secure launch date within the week, I can’t express how much I recommend this little gem, one of my favorite indie games.

LA-MULANA is the stuff of legends in regards to its soundtrack, 2D graphics and especially intricate level design. I don’t recommend anybody try to best it without a walkthrough, though. That is a torture I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. This new version comes with additional content and the ever important option to play it on the go. The PS TV will also allow players to hook it up to their preferred television set, so win-win no matter the situation.

Those who tackle the ruins of LA-MULANA can also get themselves hyped for the incoming release of its Kickstarter sequel LA-MULANA 2, which is showing slow yet steady progress through frequent updates. It might be out before the end of the year, but my guess is NIGORO won’t release the game until 2016. This is like the oft-delayed Wii remake of the first game all over again.

LA-MULANA EX will be available this week for the PS Vita. If I have oversold it in my little write-up and you can’t possibly wait that long, the Steam version is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Ron Duwell

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