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iPhone 6s to include major Apple Watch feature, says report

by Brandon Russell | February 28, 2015February 28, 2015 10:30 am EST

Apple iPhone 6 Plus-8

Apple’s iPhone 6s, the next big update to the company’s lineup of mobile phones, will apparently borrow some important features from the upcoming Apple Watch.

Sources speaking with Apple Insider claim one of the big focuses this year will be the inclusion of Force Touch, which, if you remember, is a big feature in Apple’s wearable. What this feature would do is distinguish between a light tap or hard press, in turn triggering software-specific features based on context. It would change the way a person navigates their phone, making iOS even more powerful.

Force Touch technology uses tiny electrodes to achieve this effect, which Apple has previously said is the “most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch.” In addition to triggering features and settings based on touch, the variable forces of the technology might also prompt a tapping sensation, rather than a typical vibrate, to signal you got a notification.

Apple Insider claims Apple nearly put Force Touch in the iPhone 6, but decided against it after encountering “calibration” issues. We haven’t really heard too much about how Apple will differentiate its device updates this year, but it appears Force Touch will be a major focus of the iPhone 6s.

Finally, the same report claims Apple doesn’t plan on using a two-lens system in its next update due to the iPhone 6’s current design; including such a feature would require re-imagined design, though the feature could make an appearance in next year’s iPhone update.


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