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Titan Souls launching on the PC, PS4 and PS Vita in April

by Joey Davidson | February 27, 2015February 27, 2015 12:45 pm EST

Titan Souls, the devilishly difficult little game, now has a firm release date. The title will hit the PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC platforms on April 14. The word comes from Devolver Digital, its publisher.

The whole premise of Titan Souls is really intriguing, and that’s part of why it made our most exciting games of 2015 list for several platforms. The world is filled with only bosses, much like Shadow of the Colossus. You, the hero, only have a single arrow at your disposal. Get hit once, and you die. Fire your arrow, and you’ll have to retrieve it. Take down the bosses by solving their intricate attacks and win.

Much like Shovel KnightHotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and several other stellar looking video games, Titan Souls is a part of the PlayStation Spring Fever sale. That means it will launch at a discount for PS Plus subscribers. Normally going for $9.99, Titan Souls will sell for $8.99.

Where will you spend that dollar!?

Of course, the real kicker here is that this game is part of the Cross-Buy program. Get Titan Souls once, and you can play it on both your PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Hooray!

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