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Google’s beefs up Android Wear with two new apps

by Jacob Kleinman | February 27, 2015February 27, 2015 7:00 pm EST

Android Wear is still a mixed bag. There’s some great ideas built into Google’s wearable operating system, but it’s also missing a lot. Now, the company is bringing two more apps to your wrist in an effort to beef up the Android Wear experience.

First is Ingress, the company’s augmented reality game that launched back in 2012 for Android phones. The app, which turns the physical world into a global showdown between the “resistance” and the “enlightened,” is heading to Android Wear. Google shared some images of the updated app with Engadget, which you can see in the slideshow above.

Meanwhile, Google’s Field Trip app is also headed to Android Wear for any sight seekers who don’t feel like turning the world into a battlefield. The app, which already runs on Android, iOS and even Google Glass, offers useful info about nearby places of interest and nearby landmarks in the form of quick notifications. It’s pretty great already, and a perfect fit for Android Wear.

There’s no official release date for either app, but they should arrive soon. Google says both will be available sometime next month.


Jacob Kleinman

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