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Ganon is absurdly large and destructive in Hyrule Warriors

by Ron Duwell | February 27, 2015February 27, 2015 5:30 pm EST

Don’t ever let it be said that Link hasn’t earned his stripes over the years on his various adventures. He’s had to deal with some rough characters like Ganondorf and Vaati, but this new representation of his oldest rival proves that he is no slouch for bringing down this menacing beast.

Ganon, in his original pig form, in Hyrule Warriors is absolutely insane. He towers over the biggest boss enemies, crushes moblins by the hundreds, and his massive spear causes both the Earth and Dodongo’s poor skull to split like a banana.

Something tells me that poor Dodongo dislikes spears more than he dislikes smoke these days.

In addition to controlling Ganon, the new DLC pack also invites players to fight against him. He does’t seem as menacing when left in the hands of the AI, but I suspect that this shadow Ganon is far more subdued than his actual incarnation. Link has a much easier time taking him out than I would have guessed.

Hyrule Warriors is proving to be a hit that Nintendo could only dream of. Cheaply made and selling copies and DLC by the millions. It’s a publisher’s dream come true. I only hope that further DLC support finds more clever ways of mixing up the formula.

This Ganon DLC goes live on March 12 for the mere price of $2.99. If you still regularly play Hyrule Warriors, be sure to check it out.


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