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Developers can now start building apps for Pebble Time

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Pebble Time may not be shipping for another two months, but developers can already start building apps ready for its release with the new Pebble SDK v3.0. What’s more, apps developed for the new device will run on existing Pebble watches in the meantime.

Pebble Time, which hit Kickstarter on Tuesday, has already been an overwhelming success. It secured more than $2 million in funding during its first 24 hours — easily exceeding its $500,000 goal — and now stands at just over $11 million.

With more than 50,000 backers, there are going to be plenty of Pebble Time users for developers to build for, and they can get started now with the Pebble SDK v3.0. As well as Pebble Time compatibility, the latest release adds support for 64 colors, Pebble’s new animation framework, the PNG and animated PNG image formats, and more.

When Pebble Time launches in May, all existing apps built for the original Pebble and Pebble Steel will work on it — they’ll just be displayed in black and white. But the new watch boasts the same display resolution (144×168) as its predecessors, so it won’t be too difficult for developers to update their existing apps to accommodate it; they just need to add a splash of color.

If you haven’t already backed Pebble Time, here are some reasons why you should. And in case you’ve forgotten already, here’s a roundup of its top five features.


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